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Rent by the hour - not by the minute! The SMART scooter everyone can ride | Book in advance  We deliver | On-site training


“They’re SMART Scooters that look like mini segways, were unbelievably easy! It was practical for my wife and I with the heat and she has a bad hip..”

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Rent on demand

Come pick up at dc scooter + WE DELIVER! Use the map to rent scooters. Jump to the MAP

 Family-riding-scooters-at-1111-Massachusetts-ave-Nw-Washington-DC-20005. Https://g.page/dcscooter

Group Scooter Rentals

Looking for a scooter for kids? Can’t find enough scooters for your group? Call us for on demand delivery - You can rent a scooter starting at $15/rider!


Electric Scooter

Ride to monuments, museums, more! You can go inside - Lock with Bluetooth. The self-balancing SMART Scooters have adjustable handlebars, kickstand, GPS tracking, range of 14 miles, and a 15 mph speed limit. Built with reliable Segway SMART technology, this multi-terrain scooter adapts to riders height, weight, and riding style. Check out the quick training video here and see how easy it is!

Skip scooters, jump scooter, Uber scooter

True Mobility

Real Freedom


This SMART electric scooter is so easy anyone can do it! Family fun for everyone (ages 6+). Onsite training and support provided by dc scooter. New users learn in less than 2 minutes!


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Finding dock-less scooters

“I checked out dc scooter by searching Scooter rental near me because I was not able to locate 4 Dockless scooters called jump and skip for the rest of my family. I was able to find one for myself..”